«Housing Construction: Is the Problem Solved?» at Second Stolypin Forum

«Housing Construction: Is the Problem Solved?» at Second Stolypin Forum

23 May 2019

May 23rd, a panel discussion entitled «Housing Construction: Is the Question Solved?» was held in the framework of the Second Stolypin Forum during the part of the program devoted to sustainable growth of the non-resource-based sector of the Russian economy.

The discussion was moderated by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector Natalia Kuzmina, who noted: «There are projects promoting growth, such as housing construction, export stimulation, productivity gains, the development of small business and individual entrepreneurship, the improvement of monitoring and supervisory activities, the development of transport infrastructure, and the reform of single-industry towns, which should stimulate business activities and economic development. This program and its set of priorities are similar to those of most developed countries. Some stumbling blocks still exist and must be dealt with in order to achieve a reasonable growth rate. Most developed and developing countries are confronted with comparable challenges such as the lack of investments and the protracted debt „paralysis“.»

During the session, a myriad of topics were discussed including urbanisation, digital technologies, prospects for future development and health risks and hazards in agglomerations, the fate of small towns, extinction or development, and key areas of the national «Housing and Urban Environment» project.

The participants actively hashed out issues linked to the legal and economic monitoring and regulation of construction activities and the reform of the legislation on shared construction. The parties paid particular attention to the ways of attracting private investments and how to use these funds effectively in order to create a dynamic business environment.

The session was attended by Nikita Stasishin, the Deputy Minister of Construction and Communal Services of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Goldberg, the Head of the Analytical Center of DOM. RF, Emmanuel Forest, the Chief Executive Officer Bouygues Europe SA, Sergei Polonsky, the Founder of Mirax Group, the Partners at LECAP Yuri Tuktarov and Mikhail Malinovsky, and Evgenia Murinets, the Head of the Architectural Council Directorate in the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Moscow.

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