Ambassador of the Philippines Comes to MGIMO

Ambassador of the Philippines Comes to MGIMO

22 March 2017

March 22nd, MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov had an interview with the Ambassador of the Philippines to Russia, Carlos Soretta. The sides discussed a myriad of topics related to developing bilateral relations.

The visiting delegation also included the Embassy’s Vice Consul Louningning Camoying. On MGIMO’s side, the meeting was attended by MGIMO’s Rector, the Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin and experts from the ASEAN centre.

The sides shared their impressions on current relations between the two countries, noting a recent positive trend, and spoke about cooperation in education between MGIMO and universities in the Philippines. MGIMO has a history of dynamic collaboration with the country, having several times hosted events with young representatives of the social and political circles of the Philippines. In 2014, MGIMO received a Philippine delegation headed by its Deputy Foreign Minister, Evan Garcia.

Following the meeting, Carlos Soretta gave a lecture to an audience of students and faculty members. The sides agreed that MGIMO would aid in preparing the upcoming visit of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte to Russia.

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