MGIMO Readings on Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the February Revolution

MGIMO Readings on Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the February Revolution

17 April 2017

April 15th, MGIMO and the Culture television channel presented a joint project dedicated to Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his «Reflections on the February Revolution».

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution and MGIMO decided to contribute to the commemoration of this event by organizing the reading of fragments from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s «Reflections on the February Revolution». MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov, the President of the Solzhenitsyn Fund Natalia Solzhenitsyna, professors and students participated in the readings.

Anatoly Torkunov noted that the chosen extracts are dedicated to the February Revolution itself and that Solzhenitsyn devoted a lot of energy, studying Soviet and American archives, to discover how the revolution unfolded and to analyze its consequences. The Rector underlined the fact that history enables us to understand our current identity and that the February Revolution holds many lessons, one of them being how to avoid the terrible split in the elites that existed on the eve of the Revolution. This project is an attempt to interest students in Solzhenitsyn’s work and more generally in the history of their country.

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