Aleksander Shchetinin on Latin America in Russia’s Foreign Policy

Aleksander Shchetinin on Latin America in Russia’s Foreign Policy

10 October 2018

October 10th, Aleksander Shchetinin, Director of the Department of Latin America at Russia’s Foreign Ministry, gave a talk to students of the Diplomatic Module on the Latin American vector of Russia’s foreign policy in the current international context.

The guest was greeted and introduced to the audience by the moderator of the Diplomatic Module Yuri Raykov. Aleksander Shchetinin started his lecture by describing Latin America’s place in Russian foreign policy. The speaker remarked that this region has always been and remains to some extent neglected, while it deserves attention. At the Foreign Ministry, the process of consolidating ties with Latin America has started.

Then the diplomat spoke about some of the problems of the region: the promotion from the outside of «color revolutions» and the attempts to control countries through regional organizations. Major political reforms are underway in many Latin American countries and they are being pressured into taking into account the interests of inspanidual political forces. The attempts to turn Brazil into an ordinary state in the region are opposed by Russia, which recognizes the country’s uniqueness in the international system.

During the lecture, Aleksander Shchetinin gave an overview of Russia’s foreign policy initiatives in the region, took questions from the audience and invited the students to undergo internships at the Foreign Ministry.

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