SGIA Interview to RT France

SGIA Interview to RT France

1 September 2023

Alexander Bobrov, Dean of The MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs, gave an interview to RT France TV channel on the occasion of the 1st September holiday at MGIMO.

The keynote of the interview was the record-breaking enrolment of SGIA bachelor's and master's students. This year, more than 80 young girls and boys from 19 countries became students of SGIA MGIMO University. The dean of the school also told RT France about the situation with the continuing growth in the number of students from foreign countries. He emphasised that more than 16% of all MGIMO students are from abroad. On behalf of the entire SGIA administration, the Dean warmly congratulated all those involved on the start of the academic year and wished them success.

In addition, SGIA students also took part in the interview. One of them was Andy Hanna, a 4th year student. He spoke about his expectations of the new academic year and shared his sincere emotions and thoughts about education at MGIMO.

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