How can you get Bachelor’s Degrees from MGIMO and a Leading British University at the same time?

How can you get Bachelor’s Degrees from MGIMO and a Leading British University at the same time?

17 June 2019

MGIMO University is now accepting applications from students who want to enrol in the joint program implemented by MGIMO and the University of Reading (UK). The Dean of the MGIMO School of Government and International Affairs Mikhail Troitskiy answers our questions about the program.

Mikhail, how does the joint program work?

Out of their four years of study, students spend the first two at MGIMO and the final two years at the University of Reading. Reading is a city conveniently located between London and Oxford, which houses the headquarters of several major British corporations. Both in Russia and in the UK, students study in English. They improve their oral and written skills with courses taught by Russian, British and American lecturers and professors, and have the opportunity to learn another foreign language from scratch.

What is special about the program?

The program is quite unique because it relies on a successful combination of MGIMO’s and the British approaches to teaching and mentoring. Over two years at MGIMO, students attend a broad variety of courses; roughly three eighty-minute classes six days a week. Students interact with teachers, become knowledgeable about world politics, economics, philosophy, law, sociology and history, and gain fluency in two foreign languages. During their third and fourth years and in line with British educational traditions, students learn how to work independently, prepare their original analytical work and write professional texts. While the emphasis is put on independent study of academic literature and its critical analysis, students receive throughout their studies the guidance of experienced faculty members. The course also allows students to improve their oral presentation skills by participating in discussions and giving talks to different audiences. The program makes room for one or several internships in British or international organizations and corporations, helping students decide on a career path.

What are the benefits of this program?

Our graduates are highly sought after both in Russia and the UK and establish during their studies a network of contacts in two countries at once. Beyond that, our students benefit from the advantages of two well-matched educational systems and learn how to live in an international environment. Students get the opportunity to participate in the many political and business events organized by the two universities and to communicate directly with leading politicians and businessmen, journalists and scholars from both countries. The program allows those enrolled to develop valuable professional skills, including language fluency, the ability to carry out independent research, to write professional texts, and deliver presentations in English. The extensive knowledge they acquire in humanities, economics, political science, project management, leadership and entrepreneurship will serve them all their life. I am convinced the joint program implemented by MGIMO and the University of Reading offers students the opportunity to grow academically, professionally and have successful careers.

International relations is not only a theoretical discipline, it’s also a professional one. Students of the dual program have to put their international relations skills into practice in year three when they move abroad and are required to rapidly adapt in order to be successful in their studies.

Who can apply?

Both students from Russian high schools and those studying abroad can apply. Russian applicants are required to obtain at the Russian Unified State Examination no less than 80 in English, 70 in Russian and a pass in history. Applicants who do not have Russian citizenship are evaluated based on remote testing.

What is the application procedure and how many places are open this year?

Russians should submit their application and accompanying documents to MGIMO’s Admissions Office. Foreigners can send them to In 2019, we will be recruiting our second cohort of students and plan to enrol up to 15 Russians and 10 foreigners for the dual program.

You can find out more about the dual program and The MGIMO School of Governance and International Affairs on its website at

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