Agricultural Attaches Program Starts!

Agricultural Attaches Program Starts!

11 April 2019

April 11th, the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin came to MGIMO to meet with the leadership of the University and give a talk to students on the Development of the Russian Agro-industrial complex.

In his opening remarks, the University’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin noted that the Ministry of Agriculture and MGIMO have opened a new department of Global Agrarian Markets and launched simultaneously three programs devoted to international trade in agricultural markets: the professional retraining program «Agriculture Attache», the MA program "Global Agrarian Markets «and the MBA program «Global Agrarian Markets and Foreign Trade of Agro-industrial Companies».

The meeting with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture marked the official beginning of the academic year for students of the retraining program. Sergey Levin noted that this occasion was not only the start of a new course of lectures but the launch of a novel type of training programs in Russia. Indeed students will become experts in the fields of agriculture, technology, veterinary and sanitary measures, all the while learning rare foreign languages and international relations, underlined the deputy minister.

During his lecture, Sergey Levin described the agrarian policy of the Russian Federation, the mechanisms used for its implementation, the means by which the agrarian market is regulated, the current challenges to developing a competitive agro-industrial industry, and the prospects for interaction between the ministry and MGIMO students during the course of their studies.

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