Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov Opens MGIMO’s Diplomatic Module

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov Opens MGIMO’s Diplomatic Module

26 September 2018

September 26th, the twelfth session of MGIMO’s Diplomatic Module was opened by a guest of honor: the Russian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov. The module was set up at the initiative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Collegium and is a unique platform on which high-ranking Russian diplomats and political figures share their vision of Russia’s foreign policy strategy.

MGIMO Rector introduced Sergei Ryabkov, remarking that his outstanding achievements as a diplomat managing bilateral relations with the United States comes from his deep understanding of his sphere of work.

Sergei Ryabkov gave the audience an overview of the international situation today, explaining the problems Russia faces in its relationship with the West, our country’s efforts to fight against terrorism, and the need for a new style of diplomacy adapted to a polycentric world. Regarding the Middle East, the speaker noted that Russia could not let the United States deepen the crisis and that it would pursue its efforts with Iran to maintain the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The diplomat praised the organization of the World Cup, which really helped to integrate Russia into the global space.

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