MGIMO Comes 3rd in RAEX Rating For «Humanities and Social Sciences»

 MGIMO Comes 3rd in RAEX Rating For «Humanities and Social Sciences»

7 September 2016

The rating agency «Expert RA» (RAEX) recently published its latest ranking of Russian institutions of higher education by reputation within broad fields. MGIMO climbed to third place in the ranking of universities in the field of «Humanities and Social Sciences» and retained the fourth place for «Economics and Management».

Universities were evaluated based on the results of an online survey of employers, representatives of the academic and scientific community, as well as students and graduates. The total number of respondents exceeded 34 000 people. Three main criteria were assessed in the study: the quality of education, demand for the University’s graduates on the labor market and the level of scientific and research activities. The employers who were surveyed came in majority from RAEX agency’s contact database.

Around 69 universities and specialized institutes were considered in the category «Economics and Management» in the framework of the rating. In the «Humanities and Social Sciences» field, all universities which participated in the rating from 2012 to 2016 were evaluated. The results of the survey are used by the agency not only to build ratings by field but also to put together the annual ranking of the 100 best universities in Russia.

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