President of Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce Comes to MGIMO

President of Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce Comes to MGIMO

9 November 2017

November 9th, MGIMO welcomed a French delegation comprising the President of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce Emmanuel Quidet and the Inspector General at the Administration of the French Ministry of Education, Senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo.

After being introduced to the audience by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin, the guests delivered a lecture on France’s economic presence in Russia in the wake of the sanctions. Emmanuel Quidet presented the investment activities of some large French transnational corporations operating in Russia and analyzed the impact of the sanctions on the economies of both countries.

In his talk, Yves Pozzo di Borgo also mulled over the issue of sanctions, reviewing different possible scenarios for how events could evolve and considering new paths to develop mutually beneficial cooperation. After the lecture, the guests took questions from students and engaged in a lively discussion.

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