Meeting with Pierre de Gaulle

Meeting with Pierre de Gaulle

20 November 2023

On November 20, MGIMO University hosted a meeting with Pierre de Gaulle, a French public figure, grandson of the first President of the French Republic Charles de Gaulle. The guest was received by Rector Anatoly Torkunov. The meeting was also attended by Pierre de Gaulle's wife Marie de Gaulle, Vice-Rector Artem Malgin, Head of the French Language Department Mikhail Ogorodov.

During the lecture, Pierre de Gaulle focused on the prospects for the development of Russian-French relations, the development of higher education in Russia and France, modern social trends and the importance of studying history and art. Special focus was placed on the issues of building informal ties between students and young people of the two countries and creating a platform for intercultural communication. The speaker believes that for the Russian and French mentalities cooperation in science, education and culture is key to find common ground.

Pierre de Gaulle shared his impressions about visiting the International RUSSIA EXPO, emphasizing the unique cultural diversity of Russian regions, the rich history of the country and the size of the exhibition. De Gaulle advised students to travel more within Russia, learn about the life of its people in different cities and regions, study the culture and traditions of peoples and ethnic groups and share these experiences with other cultures.

A Q&A session took a significant portion of the event. Students and teachers were interested in Pierre de Gaulle's opinion on the prospects for the development of Russian-French relations, socio-economic processes in the EU, and the history of the French Republic. The participants of the meeting discussed the legacy of General Charles de Gaulle, personal qualities and knowledge that a state's leader needs.

Pierre de Gaulle thanked the audience for their pertinent questions and pointed out their excellent command of French and deep insight into the topics discussed.