The Brand New MGIMO Summer Program Website is Live

The Brand New MGIMO Summer Program Website is Live

8 November 2019

Every year we ask our students what changes they'd like to see in the Summer Program going forward, and we try to react to this input as effectively as possible. One of the most requested changes has been to update our Summer Program website, in order to make it more user friendly, streamlined and informative.

This year, besides completely revamping and enhancing the Academic program, we've decided it was time to refresh our website as well. Our old engine simply wasn't suited to handle the tasks that were required of it, so as of November 4th 2019 we've launched the all-new Summer Program website, which we will continue to expand in the coming months with new sections and features, especially for our alumni.

One of the first features to be implemented is a student section, which will be available to registered Summer Program participants ahead of the 2020 program. This section will contain important student info, including handouts and helpful downloads, FAQ's and an up-to-date course schedule. As far as our news section is concerned, we've decided to leave behind our old news segments and start fresh, with the exception of a few select articles that will be retrofitted at a later date.

The core functionality of the website is in place, and the academic program for the 2020 Summer Session is prepared, so we are ready to begin accepting student applications. We eagerly await hearing from you and seeing you on campus at MGIMO Odintsovo!

While you're browsing the new website, make sure to check out some of our favorite sections, like the interactive 360 degree (VR compatible) panoramas of MGIMO and its facilities, and also take a look at the multimedia content we've assembled in recent years on the overview page.

We would be delighted if you could let us know what you think of the new site, and if there are any new features that you would like to see implemented ahead of our anniversarial 2020 Program. Share your thoughts or reach out to us with other questions at