MGIMO at Concluding Meeting of 26th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

MGIMO at Concluding Meeting of 26th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum

7 September 2018

September 5th-7th, the final session of the 26th OSCE Economic and Environmental Forum on «Promoting economic progress and security in the OSCE area through innovation, human capital development, and good public and corporate governance» unfolded in Prague. The Russian delegation comprised representatives of MGIMO.

The Prague section of the Forum began with a communication from the Italian OSCE Chairmanship, which conveyed information about the upcoming Ministerial Council of the Organization in Milan (December 6th-7th).

Five plenary sessions were held in the framework of the forum. MGIMO was represented at two of these meetings by the Vice-Rector for Legal and Administrative Issues Sergey Shitkov, who gave his expert opinion on cooperation between the state and business in the digital world and the Director of the Center of Digital Economy and Financial Innovations Elina Sidorenko, who made a presentation on «Economic opportunities and security challenges of blockchain technology».

During the discussion on «Digital innovation as a tool to strengthen good public and corporate governance», the Russian delegation emphasized the need to create a favorable environment for innovation and to organize regular training sessions to upgrade digital skills.

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