MGIMO English BA Open Doors. Online

MGIMO English BA Open Doors. Online

20 May 2020

May 20th, during an online Open Door Day, MGIMO’s English-language undergraduate programs, as well the opportunities and benefits of studying at MGIMO in English, were presented to potential applicants.

The University’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs, Dean of the School of International Relations A.Baykov, the Dean of the School of Government and International Affairs M.Troitskiy, the Deputy Dean A.Solomentseva and Professor C.Korten spoke to the audience on a number of different platforms including Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and VKontakte.

A.Baykov presented the University to the applicants, describing in detail MGIMO's international initiatives: the two undergraduate and graduate programs, student internships abroad, visits and lectures by leading world academics. He noted that all MGIMO students benefit from the international cooperation the University engages in, and remarked that graduates have excellent employment prospects as the University supports them in choosing and preparing for their career path. A.Baykov also outlined the advantages of enrolling in MGIMO MA programs and reminded students that it is never too soon to select a graduate program.

M.Troitskiy gave a talk about the English-language BA programs in International Relations. Applicants with IB and A-Level certificates are encouraged to enrol in the four-year program in “Governance and International Affairs”, while secondary school graduates who studied in Russia and speak fluent English (with Russian United State Examination scores of at least 80) are perfect candidates for the dual program in "Politics and International Relations" MGIMO has implemented with the University of Reading. M.Troitskiy described the interdisciplinary nature of these programs, the emphasis put on language training and the high level of qualification of the faculty members teaching at the School of Government and International Affairs.

A.Solomentseva spoke about how the Dean’s office is dedicated to helping foreign students adapt to student life in Moscow and presented the numerous opportunities for interaction and professional growth offered by the University.

C.Korten shared his personal experience teaching at MGIMO with the audience, noting the high level of training offered by the University’s School of Government and International Affairs, which is comparable to the other leading universities in the world, where he previously taught and studied.