MGIMO-Odintsovo Presents its Programs

MGIMO-Odintsovo Presents its Programs

13 April 2019

April 13th, MGIMO-Odintsovo held the last open day of this academic year for potential applicants, presenting its different under-graduate, graduate, professional education and university preparation programs.

Guests were taken around the campus by student-volunteers and discovered the high quality infrastructure: the conference rooms, lecture halls, language laboratories, library and twelve Olympic sports centres. The students received vocational guidance and underwent different psychological tests to determine which MGIMO program is best suited to their interests and career ambitions.

During the official ceremony, MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin emphasized the fact that, at the University’s Odintsovo campus, on average 25 students are admitted into each program. The small size of each group allows for an individual approach to each student, with each Dean knowing his students by name. The Vice-Rector also described the different programs and the possibility to apply in person and online for any course.

The Director of the Odintsovo campus, Sergey Vasiliev, described the «vertically integrated system» developed by the University, which allows students to evolve smoothly from the lyceum into undergraduate and then graduate programs. Faculty members spoke about the different schools and research centres at the University, the entrance examinations and student life on campus.