Vladimir Yermakov on Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at MGIMO

Vladimir Yermakov on Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at MGIMO

24 October 2018

October 24th, in the framework of the Diplomatic Module, Vladimir Yermakov, Director of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry delivered a lecture to MGIMO students.

After being introduced by Yuri Raykov, the moderator of the Diplomatic Module, Vladimir Yermakov said a few words about his student years at MGIMO, before starting his presentation.

The diplomat noted first of all that Russia feels confident regarding its military- technological capacity, and that many efforts have been made since the 2000’s to ensure Russia is capable of countering any threats that come her way. Some partner-countries feel nervous about our Country’s efforts to ensure its own security.

Regarding the issues of arms control and disarmament, Vladimir Yermakov noted that today the first is receiving more attention that the second. The Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty outlines three main goals: preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, controlling them and promoting cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. There are also some equally important treaties concerning the ban on nuclear weapons in space. Today, some countries are thinking about placing conventional weapons in space, which is a great threat to world peace. After his lecture, the guest took questions from the audience and invited students to undergo placements at the Foreign Ministry.

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