New International Center for Hydrogen Energy at MIEP

New International Center for Hydrogen Energy at MIEP

31 May 2021

May 31st, the decision was made, during a meeting of the MGIMO Academic Council, to create an International Center for Hydrogen Energy.

The creation of this new structure was guided by predictions about the growing influence of hydrogen on the economic and geopolitical redistribution of the energy map of the world on both global and regional scales. The International Energy Agency has ranked hydrogen as the cleanest fuel of the future and one of the most efficient energy sources.

The EU, Germany, USA, Japan, China and a number of other leading countries have already adopted hydrogen policies. The involvement of business circles in the Hydrogen Council, headquartered in Brussels, is rapidly growing. This international organization counts 110 leading companies in the world with annual revenues of almost $19 trillion. An entirely new discipline is rapidly developing - hydrogen diplomacy. A number of countries have created a specific position: ambassador for hydrogen.

The Russian Government has included Hydrogen in the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2035 and approved the Action Plan "Development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation until 2024". One of the main objectives is for Russia to become a world leader in the production and export of hydrogen. Measures are also being considered to intensify international cooperation on the development of hydrogen energy.

International scientific cooperation is rapidly expanding at the International Scientific Association for Hydrogen Energy, which has its headquarters in Miami, USA. New areas of research related to the impact of the development of hydrogen energy on economics, politics and law have appeared.

During the meeting of the Academic Council, the Director of MGIMO’s International Institute for Energy Policy and Diplomacy Professor V.Salygin remarked that the creation of the International Center for Hydrogen Energy reveals MGIMO’s intention to produce competitive research and train experts in one of the most important scientific fields for Russia and the world community.

Some of the priority areas of research of the International Center for Hydrogen Energy will be the geopolitical and economic problems linked to the development of hydrogen energy, the analysis of best practices in the implementation of advanced technologies in order to formulate recommendations for relevant Russian departments and businesses.

The center will work in cooperation with the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Energy and other key government agencies, as well as with international organizations and major corporations.

Professors of the Department of International Issues in Fuel and Energy have already published a number of articles in the "International Journal of Hydrogen Energy", which is the official publication of the International Scientific Association for Hydrogen Energy. There are further plans to publish an information and analytical bulletin on international problems of hydrogen energy and more scientific articles on this topic in VAK and Scopus journals.

MIEP is also developing a new training course "Hydrogen Diplomacy" to be included in MGIMO programs. Sections of the new educational and methodological manual "International cooperation in the field of energy technologies" are devoted to the development of hydrogen energy in the world. A monograph entitled "Hydrogen Aspects of Energy Diplomacy" is being prepared for publication. Plans are also being made to set up master classes for students taught by leading foreign and Russian experts on the development of hydrogen energy. The Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Energy Economics of Japan have already expressed interest in creating joint master's programs on the basis of MIEP MGIMO on international cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy.