Ambassador of Rwanda’s Lecture on Historical Lessons of Tutsi Genocide

Ambassador of Rwanda’s Lecture on Historical Lessons of Tutsi Genocide

14 May 2019

May 14th, MGIMO welcomed the Ambassador of Rwanda to the Russian Federation, Jeanne d’Arc Mujavamariya, accompanied by the Military Attache Emmanuel Gashaija and staff of the embassy. The guest delivered a lecture to students of the University on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide.

The guests were greeted by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Graduate and International Programs, Andrey Baykov. During the meeting, the Vice-Rector spoke about the University’s cooperation programs with universities in different African states, the activities of the African student club and the tradition of teaching African languages at MGIMO, including Amharic, Afrikaans and Swahili. The Ambassador, in turn, remarked that Rwanda was interested in collaborating with MGIMO and organizing joint academic events.

Jeanne d’Arc Mujavamariya also gave a talk to students on «25 years after the 1994 Tutsi genocide in Rwanda: Historical Lessons for the World Community», during which she related the history of the inter-ethnic conflict in Rwanda and described the measures taken by the government to prevent such events from ever happening again. The guest emphasized the fact that what happened in Rwanda should be remembered by all countries and that the fight against the ideology of genocide should continue. The Ambassador also spoke about the political and social situation in her country today and commented on the prospects for the development of bilateral relations.

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