Second English digest of MGIMO Journal

26 June 2019

Please welcome the second English digest of a corporate magazine MGIMO Journal!

In the second issue you will find:

  • The interview with MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov: «Our aim is to multiply the MGIMO identity»;
  • The interview with the Head of Total Patrick Pouyanné: «We need a renaissance of courage in our leaders»;
  • The interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić;
  • The «French block»: full coverage of Trianon Dialogue events since the launch of the civil initiative and interviews with MGIMO graduates – both French and Russian, living in France;
  • Series of interviews with Serbian and Russian graduates, connected with this country;
  • The 3rd MGIMO Rector Golf Cup, anniversaries of International Relations, International Journalism and International Economic Relations Schools;
  • and a lot more!

“For MGIMO, the year 2018 was marked by the activities of the Trianon Dialogue, an initiative aimed at connecting Russian and French civil societies. The initiative emerged from a meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron that took place at the Trianon Palace in Versailles.

The Palace, a residence of French kings, has played an important role in our bilateral relations. Realizing the symbolism of the venue, President Macron suggested Versailles for a meeting with President Putin in May 2017. He probably sought to correct the historical mistake made by Louis XIV in 1698. While on a tour of Holland, Russian tzar Peter the Great requested a visit to Versailles, but Louis XIV politely declined to invite him as he did not want “to be inconvenienced” by the tzar’s visit.

Vladimir Putin reciprocated Macron’s courtesy in May 2018, when the French President came to attend the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum and the Football World Cup. President Putin welcomed his French counterpart in the Konstantin Palace, the President’s countryside residence on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. This palace is known as Russian Versailles. It was commissioned by Peter the Great in the early 18th century as an official imperial residence to outshine the famous palace in France.

This amazing story illustrates how nations should cultivate relations. Despite the relentless pressure of sanctions that the West has been imposing on Russia since 2014 for the Crimea’s “return home”, the Russian and French leaders have spearheaded a rapprochement of the two countries’ civil societies.

MGIMO is playing an important role in promoting this initiative; the Russian leadership empowered MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov to co-chair this civil society forum; Ambassador Pierre Morel co-chaired it on the French side.

Read in this issue about the Trianon Dialogue’s multifaceted activities carried out with support from MGIMO, as well as about other international trends backed and promoted by our university”.

The full version is available here.

Igor DROBYSHEV, Editor-in-Chief of MGIMO Journal