Second Conference of MGIMO and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Second Conference of MGIMO and Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

25 May 2018

May 21st to 25th, an American delegation led by the Academic Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Steven Block and the Senior International Officer and Associate Provost of Tufts University Diana Chigas came to MGIMO University.

The visit took place in the framework of a larger program of cooperation, which the two universities are implementing with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Fletcher School is the oldest center for the study of international relations in the United States and one of the most authoritative in the world. During this academic year, several courses was organized by videoconference, in November the first dual conference took place in Boston and in April a Professor in Diplomatic History from the Fletcher School, Alan Henrikson, gave a series of lectures at MGIMO.

During this visit to MGIMO, professors of the Fletcher School, Daniel Drezner, Joel Trachtman and Diana Chigas delivered three short courses of lectures to MGIMO students. The main event during their stay in Moscow was the second conference on Russian-American relations, which was held on May 24th. The objective of the discussion was to think up ways to improve relations between our two countries. The conference was attended by leading experts in international relations from Russia and the US, including the Director of the Department for North America at the Russian Foreign Ministry Georgy Borisenko and the Councilor for Public Affairs at the Embassy of the United States in Moscow, Thomas Leary.

A wide range of questions regarding bilateral relations were discussed during the conference, including the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, fighting against terrorism, regimes for common spaces, integration processes and the interpretation of international law. The conference offered a fine opportunity to study and try to overcome some of the misunderstandings and contradictions between our two countries.

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