MGIMO Celebrates Opening of Russian-Norwegian-Italian MBA program for Rosneft Employees

MGIMO Celebrates Opening of Russian-Norwegian-Italian MBA program for Rosneft Employees

19 December 2017

December 18th, MGIMO’s International Energy Policy and Diplomacy Institute (MIEP) celebrated the opening of a Russian-Norwegian-Italian MBA program «International Business in the Oil and Gas Industry».

This year, the MBA program, which was first launched in 2005 by MIEP in cooperation with Nord University (Norway), counts forty students, employees of Rosneft and the company’s subsidiaries. Over the years, more than 100 experts and managers of Rosneft have participated in the program and been awarded MBA degrees. In 2017, the program underwent an upheaval and a new partner, the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy), was included.

At the inauguration ceremony of this tripartite MBA program, Valery Salygin, the Director and Academic Supervisor of MIEP, underlined the importance for MGIMO of its cooperation with Rosneft and noted that this improved program is a huge step forward in corporate training at the University.

Valery Salygin also remarked that the partner universities were carefully chosen by MGIMO jointly with Rosneft: Nord University has an exceptional reputation for training experts in the oil and gas industry and the Polytechnic University of Turin is Italy’s oldest technical University which currently ranks as one of the top 100 universities in the world. The program will contribute to maintaining international cooperation in the sphere of energy, in spite of the difficult political global context.

The new Russian-Norwegian-Italian MBA program takes into account the latest innovations in the international oil and gas business and the way it is taught, and deals with a myriad of strategic issues related to regulations in the oil and gas sector, crisis management, innovative mining, offshore projects and financial management.

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