Happy Birthday, Sergey Lavrov!

Happy Birthday, Sergey Lavrov!

21 March 2020

We are extending our warmest congratulations to Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of MGIMO’s Governing Board and Board of Trustees!

Dear Minster!

We wish you all the very best on this glorious day! All the heartfelt and sincere speeches addressed to you on this day are truly justified as you indeed are a unique diplomat and a world-class professional! Your talents and contribution can hardly be overstated. To us, however, you are before anything else, the embodiment of MGIMO University and, what’s more, our very own Minister! A solid circle of devoted friends has accompanied you since your student years!

Your return to MGIMO coincided with your appointment as Russia’s Foreign Minister and as the Chairman of MGIMO’s Governing Board and Board of Trustees! Few people of your level are so deeply involved in the life of the University. You established the tradition whereby you yearly address the freshmen of the University welcoming them into the profession. It emphasizes the role of MGIMO as Russia’s most international university. Being able to communicate with you at both professional and informal meetings allows the whole university to feel the pulse of the country and of the world! And for this, also, we are deeply grateful!

Dear Minister, please accept our best wishes of good health, endless energy and success in your service to Russia!

MGIMO alumni, students and staff