Lecture by Ambassador of Kazakhstan

Lecture by Ambassador of Kazakhstan

25 May 2021

May 25th, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation Y.Kosherbaev came to MGIMO.

The Ambassador and representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan were received by MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov and the Vice-Rector for Social Work and International Relations S.Surovtsev. The sides spoke about how to develop bilateral cooperation related to academic mobility, joint research and cultural exchanges, as well as the issue of student vaccinations.

Anatoly Torkunov related to the guest the history of the University and described current projects being implemented. He noted that the University counts many students from Kazakhstan who study at all levels and in different areas of training. The Rector also spoke of the Kazakh community and how it is actively involved in the creative life of the University.

The Ambassador also met with MGIMO students from the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Vice-Rector for Social Work and International Relations S.Surovtsev gave a welcome speech to the audience, introduced the distinguished guest and emphasized the achievements of Kazakhstani students.

Y.Kosherbayev in his talk to the students recalled the main stages of his life and the factors that led him to work in international relations. He described his work at the embassy and the projects he has carried out. The guest noted that the embassy sees it as its role to help all students from Kazakhstan who study in Russia, all 73 thousand of them, and to interact on their behalf with the leadership of universities to promptly resolve problems when they arise.

The meeting turned towards the end into a dialogue during which the Ambassador answered questions about different issues that affect the political and economic relations of Kazakhstan and Russia.