MGIMO Participates in Korea Study Abroad Fair

MGIMO Participates in Korea Study Abroad Fair

26 March 2017

March 25th-26th, MGIMO University participated in the 44th Korea Study Abroad University Fair in Seoul.

The exhibition is organized by the Government of the Republic of Korea twice a year and brings together over 500 universities and institutes from 28 countries, attracting on average 45 thousand guests. It is the third time that MGIMO holds a stand at the exhibition, presenting its selection of programs to visitors. Korean students took a particular interest in the University’s dual Master degrees, English language BA program and summer schools.

MGIMO’s stand was held by Ilya Dyachkov, Associate Professor at the School of Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and Mongolian Languages, Ekaterina Tronevskaya from the Public Relations Department, and Nikita Sorokin, MGIMO graduate working at the Embassy of Belarus in the Republic of Korea.

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