MGIMO Signs Cooperation Agreement with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

MGIMO Signs Cooperation Agreement with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

29 June 2017

June 26th-27th, a delegation from MGIMO University and from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna to discuss issue of cooperation.

MGIMO’s delegation was led by the University’s Vice-Rector for Human Resources, Vladimir Morozov, and the Foreign Ministry was represented by Vadim Smirnov, Deputy Director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, and the Advisor M. Kondratenkov.

The guests were greeted by the Head of the International Cooperation Department, Dmitry Kamanin, who spoke about the history of the Institute and outlined its main goals, functions and projects. They were taken on an excursion of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics, learned about the main scientific discoveries and achievements of the Institute, and met with some of the leading scientists and experts working in the laboratories.

The visiting delegation then had a meeting with JINR Director Victor Matveev to discuss the necessary interaction between science and diplomacy, and the opportunities for developing a scientific diplomacy. Vladimir Morozov described the main priorities for MGIMO’s future development and Victor Matveev noted that the Institute needed to recruit not only scientists but also experts in International Relations. The interview came to a close with the signing of an Agreement on Cooperation between MGIMO and JINR, paving the way for student placements within the organization.

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