Foreign Minister of Mauritania Comes to MGIMO

Foreign Minister of Mauritania Comes to MGIMO

7 November 2017

November 7th, a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, led by its Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih, visited MGIMO University.

The delegation also comprised the Ambassador of Mauritania to Russia Sidi Mohamed Taleb Amar and other representatives of the embassy. The guests were greeted by the University’s Vice-Rector for Research, Evgeny Kozhokin, who noted that it was an honor for MGIMO to receive such a prominent guest and that is was becoming a tradition for the University to host lectures of foreign ministers of friendly Arab countries. The Vice-Rector also remarked that relations between Mauritania and Russia were undergoing a phase of rapid development.

Ambassador Sidi Mohamed Taleb Amar introduced the Foreign Minister to the audience and spoke about the diplomat’s dynamic career. In turn, Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih extended his gratitude to the University for the invitation and declared that he was overjoyed to be speaking at MGIMO, a well-known university, famous for teaching Arabic. The Foreign Minister also spoke about the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the challenges faced by the African continent and bilateral relations. After his talk, the guest took questions from the audience, praised the students on their level of Arabic and visited the museum of rare books.

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