Itamar Rabinovich on the «Peace Process in the Middle East» at MGIMO

Itamar Rabinovich on the «Peace Process in the Middle East» at MGIMO

14 May 2018

May 14th, the President of the Institute of Israel, Itamar Rabinovich, gave a talk at MGIMO University in the framework of the course «The State of Israel: History and Modernity», which is a joint project of MGIMO and the Israel Institute in Washington.

Itamar Rabinovich is an Israeli diplomat, President of the Israel Institute, Israel’s former ambassador to the United States and former chief negotiator with Syria in the mid 1990’s as well as the former president of Tel Aviv University (1999-2007). Currently he is professor emeritus of Middle Eastern history at Tel Aviv University, distinguished global professor at New York University, and a distinguished fellow at the Brookings Institution.

The guest was received by the Rector Anatoly Torkunov and took part in a meeting dedicated to discussing academic cooperation between Russia and Israel and the latest developments in political theory. Also attending were the University’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin, members of the faculty, representatives of the Institute of Israel and of the Israeli embassy in Moscow.

After the meeting, Professor Itamar Rabinovich gave a talk devoted to negotiations and conflict resolution in the context of the Arab-Israeli confrontation from 1977 to nowadays and presented examples of successful and unsuccessful negotiations between Israel and its neighbors. Upon completion of the lecture, the guest took questions from the audience.

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