Start of a New Season of InteRussia Fellowship Program in MGIMO

Start of a New Season of InteRussia Fellowship Program in MGIMO

27 October 2022

On October 27, the Institute of International Studies (IIS) launched a new season of fellowship program InteRussia for foreign researchers. The program was jointly organized by MGIMO University, the Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and Rossotrudnichestvo.  

During the internship program the specialists in international relations will work on their research projects with MGIMO senior researchers as supervisors. At the end of the program it is planned to publish the interns’ articles in leading Russian and foreign academic journals. The new wave participants include eight researchers from Argentina, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Serbia and South Sudan.

InteRussia program interns

  • Mr. Juan Martin Gonzales Cabañas, (Argentina), Researcher, MA Student on “Defence and Strategy” of National Defence University of Argentina
  • Mr. Nyan Lin Htet (Myanmar), Director of the Department of Bank insurance Bank A
  • Ms. Kavya Manduri (India), MA Student on Chinese studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Ms. Alin de Souza Navegantes (Brazil), Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London
  • Mr. Phone Su Soe (Myanmar), General Manager of Shwe Than Lwin Bank, Shwe Than Lwin Holdings Conpany  
  • Mr. David Ceasar Uani Suliman (South Sudan), PhD Student, Institute of Political Studies and Public Administration of Shandong University, China
  • Mr. Boris Perius Zabolotsky (Brazil), PhD Student of Political Studies, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul 
  • Dr. Milana Zivanovic (Serbia), Research Fellow, Institute for Recent History of Serbia

Dr. Andrey Baykov, MGIMO Vice-Rector for Science and Research, addressed the foreign researchers with welcoming remarks. He expressed his hope that InteRussia fellowship program will help the interns to adopt new research practices and share their experience. He pointed out that the fellowship program also enriches the Russian researchers experience as it allows to get acquainted with new schools of thoughts and international studies approaches. The Vice-Rector outlined that InteRussia program is included in MGIMO long-term strategy development within the framework of “Priority 2030”, universities academic leadership program.

Dr. Maxim Suchkov, Director of the IIS, told the audience about the research fellowship program development that originally was focused on the post-Soviet Union countries. The third wave of internship included other countries that helped the program to extend the spectrum of issues under study. Dr. Maxim Suchkov also highlighted that this program participation will help the interns to have a look on Russia from the other side that is not present in the foreign media. MGIMO hosts this program in cooperation with the Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and Rossotrudnichestvo. Ms. Lyana Dimova, the Gorchakov Fund Academic Projects Coordinator expressed her hope that the internship will help to create an international relation specialists’ community. She expressed her gratitude to the program participants for their interest in internship that will let the interns become a part of MGIMO researchers’ community for a six week period.

Ms. Ekaterina Torubarova, Head of the Department of Public Diplomacy of Rossotrudnichestvo, expressed her confidence that the experience and knowledge which the interns would gain during the program will contribute to their professional growth. She pointed out the program’s high relevance and interesting format conducive for discussions and exchange of opinions.

Mr. Nikita Lipunov, The IIS Analyst, told about the upcoming joint events, research work and invited researchers for the program. At the end of the meeting the guests had a university tour. The participants also visited the ASEAN Centre and met with Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, ASEAN Centre’s Director, who told the interns about the Centre’s history and activities.

Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Director of the ASEAN Centre, Dr. Irina Bolgova, Head of the Department foe Academic Development of the IIS, Dr. Vladislav Vorotnikov, Director of European Studies Center of the IIS, Dr. Elena Maslova Dr. Andrzej Habarta, Senior Fellows of the Center, and Dr. Ivan Loksharev, Research Fellow at the IIS Center of  Middle East and African Studies are the internship third wave supervisors.

The first wave of the fellowship program was held in November-December, 2021. During this wave five applications from foreign researchers out of 47 were accepted. The second wave of the internship took place in March-April, 2022, it involved 10 specialists.

InteRussia research internships are organized in the framework of “Priority 2030”, strategic and academic leadership program.