"International Trends" and "Polis" Journals Published by MGIMO Top Russian Scopus Subject Ratings

19 June 2020

June 12th, Elsevier's SCImago information and analytical resource published its latest bibliometric data on journals indexed in the Scopus international academic citation database. "International Trends" and "Polis" have been indexed in it since 2016.

“International Trends” came first among Russian scientific publications indexed in Scopus for “Political Science and International Affairs”.

“Polis” has maintained its position as leader in “Sociology and Political Science”.

Such achievements were possible thanks to the rise in the quality of manuscripts received for consideration by the editorial board and the hard work of the editors. This progress reflects the fact that Russian political science in general and the Russian theoretical school of international relations have matured and improved their capacity to understand and interpret political processes.

The editors of the journals encourage Russian and foreign international researchers who are interested in the theoretical problems of world politics to send them their manuscripts. Readers’ feedback on published materials is much appreciated.