Integration Days for International Students: Outcomes

Integration Days for International Students: Outcomes

5 September 2023

Held on August 28 — September 3, the Integration Days were aimed at adapting first-year students from abroad to the cultural environment and academic life at MGIMO University. All the events were organized separately in Russian and English.

The Integration Days Program for foreign students speaking Russian and English was launched by the Vice-Rector for Students’ Development and International Affairs Stanislav Surovtsev. He congratulated first-year students on their admission and told them about the history of and unique opportunities available at MGIMO University as well as about its famous alumni. The Vice-Rector also emphasized the University's unique corporate culture, the MGIMO-Family community that comprises foreign students and more than 40 MGIMO University fraternities.

The program’s first day was aimed at informing first-year students of educational and migration issues, extracurricular life at the University, the work of the Council of International Fraternities and the Student Union, with the students also taking part in an interactive quest at the MGIMO campus.

On the second day, MSU Senior Lecturer Elena Lioznova delivered lectures on the history and culture of Russia to foreign students. Also, a tour of the MGIMO sports facilities was organized for the students, and first-year students from African countries were told about the opportunities for youth cooperation with the African continent by activists of the Forum "Russia — Africa: What's Next?"

The Integration Days program ended with a fascinating tour of Moscow’s landmarks.

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