International Translation Day

International Translation Day

30 September 2020

September 30th is the professional holiday of interpreters and translators: International Translation Day. The event was established in 1991 by the International Federation of Translators.

Russia started to celebrate this holiday in 2004, which was facilitated by famous Russian translators such as Viktor Sukhodrev, Leonid Volodarskiy, Viktor Golyshev, and representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the main news agencies.

Each year, the International Federation of Translators adopts a theme for its professional holiday. The slogans vary a great deal from one year to the next: “Translators as Agents of Social Change” (2002); “Translation - Underpinning Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity” (2004); "Don't Shoot the Messenger" (2007); “Terminology: Words Matter” (2008); “Language Rights: Essential to All Human Rights” (2014). This year, the day of the translator is held under the motto “Finding the Words for a World in Crisis”.

In its teaching of foreign languages, MGIMO traditionally pays particular attention to translation. We congratulate our colleagues – professional translators and translation teachers on their professional holiday, wishing them success in their serious but very interesting and rewarding work. We also congratulate our students: those who have chosen translation for their future career and those who are simply interested in this type of activity. We wish you successful translations and new discoveries!