Ambassador Laura Holgate Speaks on Nuclear Threats at MGIMO

Ambassador Laura Holgate Speaks on Nuclear Threats at MGIMO

8 November 2018

November 8th, MGIMO welcomed Ambassador Laura Holgate, Vice President of the American Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) think-tank. The guest met with the management of the University and delivered a lecture devoted to «The agenda for a constructive meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Paris.»

MGIMO Rector Anatoly Torkunov greeted Laura Holgate and the sides discussed the Russian-American joint degree program «WMD Nonproliferation, Nuclear Policy and Global Security».

Later, Laura Holgate gave a lecture to students and members of the faculty, analyzing the current state of bilateral relations. The speaker noted with regret the growing distrust between Russia and the United States, and suggested possible actions, which could help the two countries to overcome their differences. The Ambassador expressed her disappointment at the United States withdrawing from the INF Treaty, and noted that this could have unpredictable consequences.

Laura Holgate also made several suggestions as to what presidents V. Putin and D. Trump could discuss during their upcoming meetings, calling for them to sign a joint statement recognizing their responsibility as nuclear powers to avoid an arms race in the future. She also emphasized the need to strengthen the legal framework in order to promote a fruitful cooperation between the two countries and to overcome negative sentiments and prejudices on both sides. After the lecture, the guest took questions from the audience.

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