Research by A.Vylegzhanin and US Colleagues Published in Switzerland

11 November 2020

Springer International Publishing House has published a scientific study of the problems arising in managing two Arctic seas: the Barents sea (coastal states — Russia and Norway) and the Bering Strait (coastal states — Russia and the United States), entitled "Governing Arctic Seas: Regional Lessons from the Bering Strait and Barents Sea".

The authors analyse, against the background of climate change in the Arctic, the different political and legal mechanisms implemented considering universal, regional and bilateral international legal norms, as well as the national laws of the Arctic states.

The book introduces the concept of ecopolitical regions, using in-depth analyses of the Bering Strait and Barents Sea Regions to demonstrate how integrating the natural sciences, social sciences and Indigenous knowledge can reveal patterns, trends and processes as the basis for informed decision-making.

Three professors A.Vylegzhanin (MGIMO), P.Berkman (Tufts University) and O.Young (University of California) were the editors of the book, who also authored the foreword, key chapters and conclusions of this interdisciplinary study.