MGIMO in Ranking of the Best Think Tanks

MGIMO in Ranking of the Best Think Tanks

31 January 2020

In the recently published 14th global ranking of centers of expert analysis «Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2019» yearly compiled by experts from the University of Pennsylvania with the support the United Nations, based on the expertise of about 7 thousand research centers in the world, MGIMO has significantly improved its position in different categories.

The University of Pennsylvania created the rating based on an expert survey involving representatives of the think tanks and four thousand journalists, politicians, experts from the public and private sectors specializing in economic and political research. Analytical centers are ranked based on the degree of influence they have globally and regionally and are also evaluated in the framework of their subject area of research.

In the key nomination for MGIMO, “Top University Affiliated Think Tank”, our University significantly improved last year's indicator, making it into the top ten by taking the 8th place in the world (11th place last year).

Additionally, MGIMO retained the 16th position among the think tanks of Central and Eastern Europe. In the “Impact on Public Policy” category, MGIMO rose one line, taking the 33rd place in the world.

The University has climbed in the ranking in a number of research areas:

  • "Top Science and Technology Think Tank" – 43rd place;
  • “Top International Economic Policy Think Tank” – 54th place;
  • “Top Domestic Economic Policy Think Tank” – 57th place;
  • “Top Defense and National Security Think Tank” – 69th place.
  • “Best Managed Think Tank” – 72nd place.

The Global Go To Think Tanks Index is one the most authoritative rankings of international analytical centers. This ranking pays attention to a think tank’s participation in applied analytical expertise, which has an impact on current state policy and on debates on international political issues.

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