MGIMO Climbs in Global Ranking of Think Tanks

MGIMO Climbs in Global Ranking of Think Tanks

1 February 2018

In the recently published 11th global ranking of centers of expert analysis «Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2017» yearly compiled by experts from the University of Pennsylvania with the support the United Nations, MGIMO has risen by three positions compared to last year.

The University of Pennsylvania examines each year over six thousand research centers in the world and rates them based on a wide survey involving representatives of the think tanks and almost five thousand journalists, politicians, experts from the public and private sectors specializing in economic and political research. The ranking assesses how influential the think tanks are at global and regional levels, and also in two other categories looking at the scope of research and special achievements.

In this year’s ranking, MGIMO came in 121st place, improving its result by three positions compared to last year. MGIMO additionally took the 12th place in the regional rating for Central and Eastern Europe.

The Global Go To Think Tanks Index is one the most authoritative rankings of international analytical centers. This ranking pays attention to a think tank’s participation in applied analytical expertise, which has an impact on current state policy. The full version of the rating will be presented on March 1st.

— See the MGIMO web-site for russian version