Le Figaro Journalist Renaud Girard Speaks at MGIMO

Le Figaro Journalist Renaud Girard Speaks at MGIMO

7 March 2018

March 6th, the French journalist from Le Figaro, geopolitical expert, and lecturer at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) Renaud Girard gave a talk at MGIMO.

The guest was introduced to an audience of the University’s students and faculty members by the Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Artem Malgin. Renaud Girard’s lecture was dedicated to the topic «France and Russia: the current situation and the opportunities for interaction in the future.»

The French expert spoke about the history of bilateral relations between France and Russia from the end of World War II to the present day, and emphasized the cyclical nature of these relations. The lecturer also offered an analysis of the foreign policy of the USA, the West and Russia during different periods. Upon completion of his speech, Renault Girard took questions from the audience and engaged in a lively discussion with students.

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