Freshman Festival at MGIMO-Odintsovo

Freshman Festival at MGIMO-Odintsovo

22 September 2018

September 22nd, the festival «Re: freshment Campus MGIMO» took place at the University’s Odintsovo campus. First year students discovered the wide array of extra-curricular activities offered by the University: sports, arts and thematic student communities. The event was organized by the Department for Social and Youth Policy of MGIMO-Odintsovo.

The solemn part of the meeting was kicked off by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Social Development Igor Loginov, who encouraged the students not only to participate in the social life of their campus but also to get involved in the events organized at the University’s Prospekt Vernadskogo campus.

The Director of the Odintsovo campus Sergey Vasiliev greeted the freshmen and remarked that while three weeks ago he was congratulating them on the start of their academic life at the University, that today they were celebrating the beginning of their social life at the University.

MGIMO offers students incredible opportunities to take part in large-scale events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the Festival of Youth and Students as well as the chance to realize their own original projects.

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