MGIMO Hosts Section of All-Russian Forum on Counteracting Terrorism in Education

MGIMO Hosts Section of All-Russian Forum on Counteracting Terrorism in Education

20 September 2017

September 18th-19th, the All-Russian Forum on «Counteracting the ideology of terrorism and extremism in education and amongst youth» unfolded at eight different sites and gathered over a thousand people from 75 regions of Russia.

The forum, which has become an annual highly sought-after event, was attended by government representatives responsible for education, managers of law enforcement agencies and antiterrorist commissions from all over Russia, lecturers, professors and experts. Thematic sections were dedicated to a number of topics including the training of teachers and lecturers in countering terrorism, the identification of youngsters who have come in contact with extremist ideas, and the role of organizations in promoting awareness about security issues.

MGIMO hosted the 5th section of the forum devoted to the international experience in fighting terrorism amongst youth, which was attended by 200 people. The Head of the Department of World Politics Marina Lebedeva chaired the meeting. The Deputy Director of the Department for New Threats and Challenges at the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Andreev and MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Research Evgeny Kozhokin, along with a number of experts, gave talks on various security related issues.

The plenary session of the Forum took place on September 19th at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and MGIMO was represented at the event by Evgeny Kozhokin. All the recommendations made during the forum will be summarized in a final resolution, which will be used by antiterrorist organizations.

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