MGIMO Holds Conference on Forecasting International Processes

MGIMO Holds Conference on Forecasting International Processes

23 December 2016

December 22nd, MGIMO hosted a scientific conference dedicated to the methods used in forecasting international processes, which was entitled «International Uncertainty: Threats and Opportunities.»

Forecasting methods have allowed leading Russian and foreign experts to predict a number of recent events such as the increase in tensions in Nagorno-Karabakh, the military coup in Turkey, Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in the American elections. MGIMO’s Department of Applied International Analysis has performed research on the methodology used for political analysis and prepared a number of publications on forecasting methods, which help to manage political uncertainty in a quickly changing world.

The conference consisted of three sessions, aimed at practicing the new methods on specific situations. Analysts presented their successful predictions and explained how they had come to an accurate understanding of events. The American presidential election was discussed in detail, with participants of the conference deconstructing the myths surrounding Donald Trump’s candidacy and expressing doubt at his ability to solve America’s urgent problems. The consequences of Brexit and the possible outcomes of upcoming elections in EU countries were hashed out, as well as the situation in Turkey and the future prospects for Russo-Japanese relations.

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