MGIMO Hosts First Event of Russia-Greece History Cross Year

MGIMO Hosts First Event of Russia-Greece History Cross Year

21 April 2021

April 21st, a screening of a documentary film about the first president of independent Greece, a brilliant diplomat and chairman of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire during the reign of Alexander I, Count I.Kapodistrias (1776-1831) "The Chief Greek of the Russian Empire", filmed by ‘Good Production’ in 2018, was shown at MGIMO.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Greece Ekaterini Nassika and the Ambassador of Cyprus Andreas Zenonos came to the University.

The diplomats were received by MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov. During the meeting, the sides discussed the preparations for the current Cross Year of History between Russia and Greece, including the activities that will take place at MGIMO. The Rector spoke about how the Greek language is taught at the University and underlined the significant contribution made by the Honorary Professor of MGIMO M.Rytova to the work of the department. Today, her legacy lives on with the active contributions of young lecturers at the Department of Languages of Central and South-East European Languages and with the involvement of the Greek Language Club, which has for honorary chairman Associate Professor I.Tolstikova.

E.Nassika and A.Zenonos expressed enthusiasm at the work carried out at MGIMO and shared their intention to strengthen and actively further develop cooperation.

The screening of the film about I.Kapodistrias was organized within the framework of the program of events planned by the University for the Cross Year of History. The Byzantine Greek Count Ioannis Kapodistrias holds a special place in the history of Russia and Greece. Not only did he serve the Russian Empire faithfully, defending its interests, but I.Kapodistrias also played an important role in the European political arena: Switzerland owes him its constitution and neutrality, and his ideas and projects laid the foundation for the peaceful development of Europe until the First World War. After becoming the President of independent Greece, I.Kapodistrias safeguarded the country’s independence and contributed to the strengthening of friendly relations between his homeland and Russia. This contribution has been recognized by grateful descendants: monuments to John Kapodistrias were installed in cities of Greece, but can also be seen on Ligovsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg.

Prior to viewing the film, the guests were greeted by Ambassador E.Nassika, the Vice-Rector for Social Work and Youth Policy S.Surovtsev, the Chairman of the Greek Language Club I.Tolstikova, the producers M.Ksinopulo and N.Ivanova, and the Honored Artist of Russia E.Kurdzidis.

Among those who attended the screening were employees of the diplomatic missions of Greece and Cyprus, representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Moscow Society of Greeks, and numerous enthusiasts, including students studying the Greek language at the Department of Languages of Central and South-East European Languages. The event was organized by Senior Lecturer A.Toropova and Lecturer I.Smirnova.

The film was written and directed by Svetlana Muzychenko (Zonova). The film's production group comprises Natalya Ivanova (member of the European Film Academy, the Eurasian Academy of Television, the Producers Guild of Russia, the Union of Cinematographers) and Maria Ksinopulo (member of the Union of Cinematographers). The artists cast in the production are: the Honored Artist of Russia E.Kurdzidis, K.Kibizov, E.Polyakova, M.Vinogradov, M.Dakhnenko, I.Muskara, J.Devdariani, L.Lavrovsky, J.Politov, A.Lubchenko.