MGIMO Included in Project to Export Russian Education

MGIMO Included in Project to Export Russian Education

7 September 2017

The Russian government has selected 39 universities, among which MGIMO, for the implementation of a priority project devoted to exporting Russian higher education.

The government has decided to make it a priority to export education, which implies attracting more foreign students to study in universities in Russia and increasing the number of people abroad enrolled in Russian online courses. According to the official document published on the government’s website, the project aims more generally at improving the competitiveness of Russian education on the international market.

According to projections made by the government and the Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Universities should manage, in the framework of this new project, to increase the number of foreign students enrolled in full-time education from 220 thousand people in 2017 to 710 thousand in 2025 and the number of online course attendees from 1.1 million to 3.5 million.

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