Textbook "The Economy of Russia and the Former Soviet States" Edited by A.Bulatov Published in France


5 November 2020

The Parisian publishing house Tallandier has published the academic textbook L'Économie de la Russie et des pays de l'ex-URSS, which was specifically designed for the French market by its editor A.Bulatov, Doctor of Economics and MGIMO Professor.

The book offers an analysis of the national economies of Russia, the countries of Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and the Baltic. The publication was co-authored by the Professors of the Department of World Economy at MGIMO S.Zhdanov, N.Mamedova and Y.Kvashnin.

The clear structure of the textbook makes it accessible to a wide audience of readers.

L'Économie de la Russie et des pays de l'ex-URSS is the first study to be published by MGIMO’s economists in many years in France. Tallandier Publishing House is one of the largest players in the French book market, which produces educational, reference and academic literature. The publishing house brings out a couple of hundred new titles each year and its catalogue counts over 2100 books.