Dragan Covic Comes to MGIMO

Dragan Covic Comes to MGIMO

11 February 2020

February 11th, MGIMO welcomed Dragan Covic, the Chairman of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The guest was invited to the University by the Eastern European Studies Centre’s Balkan club.

MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for Research Evgeny Kozhokin opened the meeting by introducing the guest to the audience and noting that Dragan Covic combines his political activities with lecturing at the University of Mostar. The Vice-Rector also underlined the importance for Russia of friendly bilateral relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The meeting dealt with a myriad of topics related to the role of Bosnia and Herzegovina in current political processes. 25 years ago, the Dayton Accords for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina were signed, setting down the foundations for the Republic. The guest spoke to the students about the issues related to the coexistence within one state of three different nationalities (Bosnians, Serbs and Croats), the territorial structure of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the current constitutional situation in the country. Dragan Covic also emphasized the importance of teaching the Russian language at universities in the country. Then the guest took questions from the audience.

The Balkan Club extends its thanks to Mr Covic and to the guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina for their participation in the event.

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