International Forum «Digital Transformation: Legal Aspects» at MGIMO

International Forum «Digital Transformation: Legal Aspects» at MGIMO

27 March 2019

March 27th, the International Forum «Digital Transformation: Legal Aspects» opened at MGIMO in the framework of the state-sponsored program promoting a digital economy.

The forum gathered Russian and foreign businessmen, experts in the field of digitalization, the management of international organizations such as the OSCE and the Eurasian Economic Union, representatives of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Central Bank of Russia, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and other state institutions.

The guests were greeted by MGIMO’s Vice-Rector for General Affairs Artem Malgin, who noted that the site chosen to hold the conference makes perfect sense as MGIMO is actively involved in promoting the digital economy and runs MBA, BA and MA programs devoted to business informatics, artificial intelligence, and other similar topics.

During the forum, all experts actively contributed to the discussion on how globalization, digital transformation and legal issues impact each other. The following sessions will deal with the new legal models for digital services, the legal solutions to digital innovations and the dedollarization of the economy.

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