MGIMO at Czernin Security Forum in Prague

MGIMO at Czernin Security Forum in Prague

30 November 2018

November 29th-30th, the forum «Moving Sands in Global Politics and European Security: Resilience and Beyond» took place at the Czernin Palace of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. MGIMO was represented at the event by its Vice-Rector for Research Evgeny Kozhokin.

The event was organized by the Institute of International Relations (Prague) together with the Czech Foreign Ministry and was sponsored by NATO and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The conference was kicked off by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security and Multilateral Issues, Martin Povejsil. The forum gathered diplomats and academics from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Estonia and Russia.

The forum was a platform for discussing a number of topics including European security in the context of global power shifts, the international security policy of Russia, China and the United States, the dangers of hybrid wars, the main challenges of cybersecurity and the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes.

Evgeny Kozhokin gave a talk about the disparity in conventional arms between countries, which increased at the end of the Cold War, the role of nuclear weapons and deterrence in international relations today, the danger of the new «post-truth» age in international politics and the migration problem in the Middle East.

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