How will we study and work?

How will we study and work?

16 March 2020

In connection with the epidemiological situation in Moscow, MGIMO management has decided to strengthen the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus contamination.

In this regard:

  • from March 17th to April 2nd, MGIMO is closed for students, regardless of the program they are enrolled in;
  • during the period from March 17th to March 22nd, all students are on vacation and from March 23rd, classes will be held remotely;
  • during the week of vacation, the University’s educational and information technology departments will set up and deploy distance learning programs for all educational disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students and for all those enrolled in continuing education and preparatory programs;
  • the continuity of the educational process will require the presence of faculty members and teaching support staff on the premises but an individual work schedule will be offered to people at risk and some staff members will be able to work remotely;
  • taking into account the timeframe during which the University will be closed for students, the management of the University strongly recommends that foreign and non-resident students from all programs go to their permanent place of residence and return to MGIMO only after having received information from the University that it is alright to do so;
  • foreign nationals staying at MGIMO as part of international academic exchange programs on short-term placements will have to interrupt their stay in Russia and return to their countries and universities;
  • the management of MGIMO urges residents to leave the halls of residence before the end of the current working week; all requests to extend the stay beyond that time in the halls of residence must have exceptional grounds and will be considered on an individual basis by the management of the University.

All these measures taken by the University aim at minimizing the number of people on the University’s campuses in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection.

Students, faculty members and staff can find out more about the preventive measures at the University’s specialized and rapid-response units.

The University leadership will do everything possible to maintain the high quality of education at MGIMO, to ensure the safety of faculty members, students and staff of the University in light of the current challenges.

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