Take care and stay healthy

Take care and stay healthy

13 March 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff members!

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and in conformity to the authorities' directives, the following preventive measures have been implemented at MGIMO by the Rector’s orders, effective immediately:

  • all foreign business trips of faculty and staff, as well as academic mobility of students abroad have been suspended until further notice;
  • it is mandatory for students and employees to notify their superiors (dean of the school or line managers) of their return from private trips abroad, the deterioration of their own health or that of their colleagues or fellow students, as well as of any facts of non-compliance by other students and employees with the preventive measures;
  • responsible officers at both educational and administrative divisions of the University should inform the MGIMO Medical Centre about any recent return from foreign trips, or deterioration of the health of students and university employees;
  • 14 days of self-isolation in the cases provided for by the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated March 5th, No. 12-UM “On the regime of high alert” is mandatory for all students and employees;
  • it is categorically forbidden for all students and university employees to be in outdoor clothes on the University’s premises;
  • Faculty members must not admit into the classroom students in outdoor clothes (or with coats in their hands) and must inform the leadership of the faculty about such facts;
  • The University will be tightening sanitary and hygienic measures in public and workplaces, involving a selective monitoring of the body temperature of students and staff and imposing rules of regular hand washing for staff and faculty.

More information on preventive measures against COVID-19 can be found on the official website of the Moscow Government.

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