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31 March 2020

MGIMO has become a member of the “Coursera for Campus” project. Students, faculty members and administrators can access Coursera courses free of charge.

Coursera resources are available to all students with MGIMO domain e-mail addresses in the same way as they are to all other universities, which have joined this Coursera program.

Those of you who have been using Coursera for a long time may have noticed that within the framework of the “Coursera for Campus” project, full access has been opened even to those courses for which there previously was limited access (many courses allowed students to view videos, but access to tests and cases was closed).

The right to obtain a certificate of completion always was and remains a fee-paying service on the Coursera platform. Regarding this point, we cannot change the rules of Coursera.

As for specializations, Coursera has a very strict policy by which each university decides directly with Coursera on the conditions of access. Specializations are open only to students of a specific university. MGIMO has a specialization in World Economy, to which students will be given full access in the near future.

Under these circumstances, we recommend that you look for the courses that make up the specialization of your choice at the universities, which interest you rather than select a specialisation.

To start using Coursera courses for free, please:

  1. Open the Coursera website.
  2. On the upper right corner, click the "Join for Free" button.
  3. Register (enter your last name, first name, patronymic, email and create a password). Careful! The e-mail address should be from the MGIMO domain (,, or If you do not have a corporate mail, please contact the IT Directorate:
  4. Choose your course.

If you are already registered on Coursera with your MGIMO email, there is no need to re-register.

Currently, MGIMO offers 17 courses on the Coursera platform. During the period of quarantine, the demand for our programs has increased. Indeed, the number of students has risen by an average of 100 or more and has reached five thousand people in some areas.

Learn with MGIMO on Coursera!

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