China’s Historical Moment

China’s Historical Moment

14 October 2022

On October 14th, a round table «China’s Historical Moment and its Implications for the World Order» was held at the Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies, MGIMO University. It was organized by the Centre in the margins of the XIX Convention of the Russian Association for International Studies.

The event was opened by its Director Professor Alexei D.Voskressenski, followed by his presentation as well as presentations by the Centre’s Research Leads — Dr. Mikhail V.Karpov and Dr. Vasily B.Kashin. The main theme of the presentations and discussions was the current state and prognostications of China’s development in three aspects — political, economic and military — on the eve of the 20th CPC Congress.

The event was attended by more than 70 people: researchers and professors from MGIMO University, Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, Higher School of Economics — HSE University, College of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, People’s Friendship University, Institute of the Asian Countries (former Institute of Far Eastern Studies) RAS, representatives of federal executive authorities, business circles and student communities.

Guests from different countries took part in discussions, Q&A session as well as in direct intellectual interventions and presentations. These are professors and researchers from USA, China, Japan, EU etc. from such institutions as Tufts University (Professor Alan Henrikson, Founding Director of Diplomatic Studies, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy), University of Tokyo (Dean Akio Takahara, School for Public Policy, Senior Fellow of Japan Institute of International Affairs and Member, International Academic Council of the Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects), World Geostrategic Insights (Dr. Marcello Iannarelli, Editor-in-Chief), Ronin Institute, Montclair, NJ (Dr. Piyush Mathur, Research Scholar), Bowie State University (Dr. Matthew Crosston, Director of Academic Transformations and Executive Director, ModernDiplomacy.EU) as well as a Research Intern of the Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects Frank K.H.Wong.

The round table was held with the organizational support of the MGIMO Chinese Club.

The Centre for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects