Ambassador of Israel Gives First "Ambassadorial Dialogue" Lecture

Ambassador of Israel Gives First

20 April 2021

April 20th, the Ambassador of Israel to Russia Alexander Ben Zvi came to MGIMO to talk to students in the framework of a new course of lectures, the "Ambassadorial Dialogue", organized by the School of International Relations.

MGIMO Rector A.Torkunov greeted the guest of the University. After having a conversation with the Rector, the Ambassador delivered a lecture to the students on practical diplomacy in contemporary international relations. The event was launched by the Vice-Rector for Human Resources, V.Morozov, who introduced the guest of honor to the audience and emphasized the importance of this type of event for the University.

The Israeli Ambassador started his talk by discussing with students the differences in perceptions and interpretations of the concept of modern diplomacy. Alexander Ben Zvi remarked that, even with the current changes under way, diplomacy remains a necessary profession, which continues to expand. In the modern world – he noted –alongside traditional diplomacy, there are economic, scientific, digital and many other types of diplomacy that target specific problems.

Alexander Ben Zvi also described some of the qualities necessary to be a diplomat. Attention to detail, the capacity to work in times of crisis and the ability to pursue hobbies outside work are essential to being a successful diplomat.

Alexander Ben Zvi completed the lecture by answering students' questions about the relationship between Russia and Israel throughout history, the situation in Syria, the construction of a gas pipeline to Europe, and his personal experience of working as a diplomat.